Hall Effect Transducer T/TM Series


Transducer T and TM Series is best suited to the following applications:

  • Heating (wall heaters)
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Boiler systems (steam)
  • Industrial applications
  • Water treatment

The development of this transducer, which consists of a Hall sensor, is based on the concept of using a magnet to aect a semiconductor.

TM Series development consist of gauge indicator let to check the pressure value without eletric supply.

It is constructed in reinforced thermoplastic and sensitive element in AISI 301.

Ultrasonic welding system, make the coupling homogeneous and stable for a long time avoiding metal joints or rivets.

Costruction Features

Operational Features

Eletrical Features

Electric Connections


  • EMC 2014/30EU

  • All our products conform to the 2002/95/EC European directive RoHS and REACH.


  • Avoid the transducer coming into contact with powders.

  • Do not store in locations with humidity condensation.

  • Storage temperature -25°C.